More than a piece of jewelry a reflection of your soul.

Be Part of the Design

Sit down with Melànie D. Allow her to look into your heart. Share a story or a memory. Tell her about your style, your favorite stones, and why you are looking for a personalized wearable work of art.

Is it for a special occasion? Do you want an heirloom for the generations?

Your Vision Transformed

Through a deeply spiritual process, Melànie D will design the jewelry that perfectly embodies your personal spirit.

Melànie D will share her ideas and sketches, working in collaboration with you to find the perfect match. When you have exactly the piece you envisioned, her artisan jeweler begins with a three-dimensional CAD drawing. Together you may make changes to ensure that every detail speaks to you personally.

Melànie uses only the finest materials, including VS diamonds and 18 carat gold. She personally locates your center stone, working with dealers in several locations if necessary to ensure you get the perfect gem or if you prefer to select the stone yourself, you may arrange to view a selection of stones with Melànie D.

With the stones and metals selected, your jewelry begins the transformation from idea to reality.

Polished Perfection

In addition to your stunning finished piece, you will receive a keepsake folio containing a signed sketch of your personal design, the story of how Melànie D was inspired to create your piece, and a full description of the creation of your personal piece of art jewelry from start to finish.

Exquisite . . . Timeless . . . Beautiful