The Story of Melànie D Jewelry

Melànie D’s artistic journey began when her father passed away unexpectedly. For the first Christmas without him, Melànie’s mother purchased special gifts to lighten the children’s spirits. She gave Melànie a beautiful ring with two tear drop diamonds.

Years later, Melànie looked down at her ring and discovered one of the diamonds was missing. “I felt a grief in my soul,” she remembers. “It was a deep, deep feeling of sadness, as if I had lost my father all over again.”

A local jeweler told her that replacing such a unique stone could take months as they would have to send the ring to New York to find a perfect match.

Making a Connection

Still overcome with a deep sense of loss, Melànie turned to social media for help. She happened upon a painting of a little boy with tears in his eyes. The story the painting held led Melànie to a fine jeweler in California. “I felt drawn to that little boy in the painting,” Melànie recalls, “so I messaged the company for advice on repairs and sent a picture of my ring.”

As Melànie conversed with the jeweler in California, they began to find a unique connection. When he asked about the history behind her ring, she shared the story of her father.

“He asked me if I was an artist, I told him that, although I do not consider myself to be an artist, yes, I do draw.”

The jeweler asked her to send him the ring. Just days later, the ring returned to Melànie with two tear drop diamonds once again in place.

The jeweler told her that there would be no charge for the repair. “I want you to have it in memory of your father,” he said. Instead he asked for something else in return: one of Melànie’s drawings.

Once the jeweler saw Melànie’s incredible talent for design, he asked her to send him sketches of more jewelry designs. “I started sketching,” she remembers, “and inspiration just took over my mind. I would wake up in the middle of the night, grab my sketch pad, and start drawing jewelry designs.”

The Bird of Paradise

Today, Melànie D is known for her opulent and unique jewelry pieces that seem to sparkle with an inner light. Into each item she incorporates her signature bird of paradise, her father’s favorite flower.

“My father’s favorite saying was ‘Never say you can’t,’ and I include the bird of paradise in honor of his spirit.”

Designing is a spiritual experience for Melànie and every piece is a highly personal labor of love. It's not just about the product, but about a spirit that empowers and enables us all to live life doing the things we love - for and with the people we love.